Sunday, February 9, 2014

Traffic Lights at Allen, Bathurst Secondary Effects

To: Crosstown <>, Councillor Mihevc <>

I note that excessive snow banks are now starting to be removed in some of the adjoining neighbourhoods. Thank you.
On a related matter, I took some time to watch the traffic flow on Eglinton Westbound. Clearly there is a problem if the traffic is being backed up from the Allen to as far east as Avenue Road at peak times.

One of the secondary effects is that several north-south streets are being blocked. This is particularly acute on Bathurst, where westbound drivers regularly block the intersection. One neighbour reported to me that she watched as the Bathurst 7 southbound bus took 20 minutes to travel two blocks (from under the Old Forest Hill bridge to the stop at Eglinton because the flow of traffic was halthed southbound by westbound drivers on Eglintion. I, and several of my concerned neighbours have now routinely seen traffic backed up from Eglinton to Glencairn as a result.

Standing on Eglinton, I can see that the problem is the traffic light sequence, especially the new set up at the Allen. Drivers now have to compete with pedestrians during the green light phase. The flow of cars from Eglintion westbound onto the Allen north is being bottlenecked. It strikes me that this is a perfect scenario for Point Duty officers during peak periods. I also think officers at Bathurst/Eglinton intersection would be helpful during peak periods as well.

I look forward to your response.


  1. Given the level of disruption being caused by the construction and the impatience and outright illegal behaviour of drivers, there should be some police presence at Bathurst and Eglinton, at least during rush hour (although the intersection blocking seems to happen at any hour during the day and evening).

  2. Avi I have seen a policeman at the Allan. The problem is caused by the previous set of lights that should not be operating. We also have the problem on northbound Westover Hill cars bullying their way in as well as cars from the north of Westover Hill trying to get into the line up as well. The problem does creep back to Bathurst and Eglinton where southbound Bathurst is blocked. The only real solution is for the Allan to be closed to Lawrence as Lawrence has two lanes to handle traffic onto the Allan Expressway. One wonders if Governor Christie is involved with the traffic at the moment.