Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Paid Duty Officers

Just a quick shout out to the Paid Duty Officer who was directing traffic from westbound Eglinton to northbound Allen last night at rush hour. Made a huge difference.

Below (previous post) you will see a memo from Dr. Mihevc's office in which Metrolinx says they will have a Paid Duty Officer there until Feb. 16.

While this is good, I think they should have one there, at least during peak periods, until the construction at that intersection is done. And I hear that construction of the Crosstown station at Bathurst and Eglinton ("the doughnut shop" stop) may be starting soon, so there should probably be a PDO at that intersection too.

If you agree with me that PDOs should remain at the Allen beyond Feb 16, please take one minute and fill out the Metrolinx form at http://www.metrolinx.com/en/contactus/ and drop Councillor Mihevc's office a quick email at councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca

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