Thursday, June 23, 2016

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Thanks for popping by the Ward 21 blog. As you can see, we haven't posted very much here for the past couple of years.

That's because we've been posting updates and news via Facebook.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get Ready for More Crosstown Traffic Fun in Ward 21

So, according to the latest Crosstown newsletter, expect some changes to the construction zones in Ward 21 in the next month or so.

(1) At Old Park / Glen Cedar

Stage 2 of this construction zone could start as early as March 17 and could last several months. The construction zone is being moved to the south side of Eglinton between Menin and Glen Cedar. Click here for more details:

(2) At Chaplin

They are going to be starting work on the station headwalls at Chaplin Station. Work will affect traffic flow on Eglinton, Chaplin and Gilgorm. Click here for more details:

Joe Mihevc's March Newsletter

Councillor Mihevc's March Newsletter has a number of important items and I encourage all residents to read through it by clicking here (it's too long to cut and paste). There is information on underground hydro wire installations and water meter charges, for example.

His website also has additional information, such as information on bridge repairs on Spadina over the ravine scheduled for this spring,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pothole Repair

Check out the city crew filling the potholes on Glencedar on the approach to Eglinton. I guess with all the extra traffic and freezing and flooding, the street became an obstacle course. It was definitely one of the worst stretches of potholed road I've seen so far this winter. The crew was out there between 09:00 and 11:00 Tuesday morning. Hat tip to Anthony Schein, Councillor Mihevc's Executive Assistan, who responded quickly to emails about the problem and arranged for the repairs.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ward 21 History

Added a new section with links about the history and geography of Ward 21.
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Traffic Update - Feb. 18 letter from Councillor Mihevc


Dear all,
You are receiving this message because you contacted our office regarding traffic congestion and pedestrian safety issues at Eglinton and Allen. Please see the below update from Councillor Mihevc.

Dear Neighbours,

Attached, please find a letter from Metrolinx Director of Community Relations Jamie Robinson regarding the current traffic situation in the area of Eglinton and Allen. The letter is being delivered via Canada Post in the immediate vicinity of Allen and Eglinton.

I have requested City Transportation staff and Metrolinx to report back as soon as possible regarding long-term improvements to the traffic situation in this area. For the next several years of Crosstown construction, we know that congestion will be quite bad. We need a plan from Metrolinx and Transportation to manage the situation in the best way possible under very difficult circumstances.

In the mean time, a Paid Duty Officer will continue to be posted at the intersection of Allen and Eglinton at the northbound on-ramp/pedestrian crossing.

Several measures have already been put in place:

1.) Lifting turn and no entry restrictions on a number of side streets between Bathurst and Winona;
2.) Making several streets two-way to improve traffic flow'.
3.) Eliminating the left turn from Eglinton Ave onto Oakwood Ave;

I have requested that Solid Waste Management re-schedule its pickup routes to avoid residential streets in this area during the morning rush hour. I have made a similar request of Urban Forestry. Metrolinx is also in the process of implementing signage on feeder routes that provides real time updates on delays entering/exiting the Allen at Eglinton (e.g. Expect 20 minute delay) and announcements on television and radio traffic reports advising of traffic delays at this location and encouraging motorists to use other routes (Metro Morning, 680 News, CP24, etc);

I understand the deep frustration of residents regarding traffic backups in this area. I am committed to continuing to work with you and with Metrolinx to manage the pain as well as possible. We must also brace ourselves for continued disruption in this neighbourhood for the next several years. Work on the LRT will have major impacts and cause significant traffic disruption over the next several years. Eglinton and Allen Road is the epicentre of this work, as it is the site of both launch and extraction shafts for two of the tunnelling machines being used on this project. In addition, the work at this site is complicated by the existing subway crossing at Eglinton West station, and remnants of the Eglinton Subway which was cancelled and filled in 1995.

You can get regular updates about the Eglinton Crosstown on the Metrolinx website a You can also sign up to receive email alerts about construction progress.

Joe Mihevc

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Right Turn Signal

I was walking with my kids to the subway station this morning, I saw that without the police directing traffic, people are still stopping and not turning on the red light (as was required before the changes due to construction). Backs up everything on Eglinton.

It dawned on me that the city has installed the wrong signal at that intersection. What they need is one of these:

Something just like at the corner of Bathurst and Eglinton. A signal with a dedicated right turn arrow. When the light is red for cars traveling west beyond the station, and the pedestrian no-cross signal is up, the green right turn arrow can come on and cars can keep flowing north on the Allen. Then, when there is a green signal allowing cars to drive west and the pedestrians can cross, the green right turn arrow goes off and cars can only turn right onto the Allen when it is safe to do so.

I can't really think of a downside to this. If you can, please post a comment.

Water main break on Dewbourne

 Thursday Feb. 13 Morning

Water main break on Dewbourne - as of 09:00 road closed between Glencedar and Westoverhill.

Careful if you are driving down Menin - cars ignoring Road Closed sign at Glencedar are driving north on Menin the wrong way. And obviously, extra traffic at Glencedar and Eglinton.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not Far From the Tree

Lest anyone who ventures upon this blog thinks it is only a place for complaints, I wanted to take a moment for a good news story.

"Not Far From the Tree" is a local organization that puts Toronto’s fruit to good use by picking and sharing the bounty.

When a homeowner can’t keep up with the abundant harvest produced by their tree, they let NFFT know and they mobilize their volunteers to pick the bounty. The harvest is split three ways: 1/3 is offered to the tree owner, 1/3 is shared among the volunteers, and 1/3 is delivered by bicycle to be donated to food banks, shelters, and community kitchens in the neighbourhood so that they’re putting this existing source of fresh fruit to good use.

Last year, 1321 volunteers picked over 22,000 pounds of fruit from 355 trees across the city!

So, if you have a fruit tree and you don't plan to harvest it, please consider giving NFFT a call. I know some Ward 21 people who do and it's been a wonderful experience for them.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Paid Duty Officers

Just a quick shout out to the Paid Duty Officer who was directing traffic from westbound Eglinton to northbound Allen last night at rush hour. Made a huge difference.

Below (previous post) you will see a memo from Dr. Mihevc's office in which Metrolinx says they will have a Paid Duty Officer there until Feb. 16.

While this is good, I think they should have one there, at least during peak periods, until the construction at that intersection is done. And I hear that construction of the Crosstown station at Bathurst and Eglinton ("the doughnut shop" stop) may be starting soon, so there should probably be a PDO at that intersection too.

If you agree with me that PDOs should remain at the Allen beyond Feb 16, please take one minute and fill out the Metrolinx form at and drop Councillor Mihevc's office a quick email at